Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ishmael Reed, Unreconstructed & Not Post-Black!

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This afternoon, on the 5 o'clock hour, poet, playwright, essayist, and novelist, Ishmael Reed returns to New Day Jazz. His most recent novel, his first in over a decade, is Juice! A new book of essays, Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media, is the first collection of its kind by a leading African-American intellectual. Mr. Reed's online magazine, Konch, published it's latest issue this month.


Miles DavisDirections 1DirectionsColumbia

Miles DavisSide Car 2Circle In The RoundColumbia

Miles DavisWater BabiesWater BabiesColumbia

Joe HendersonEscapadeOur ThingBlue Note

Joe HendersonCaribbean Fire DanceMode For JoeBlue Note
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Randy WestonSamba BassaAfrican NiteInner City

Randy WestonNiger MamboAfrican CookbookAtlantic

Gil Evans (Cecil Taylor)PotsInto The HotImpulse

Cecil TalyorTales (8 Whisps)Unit StructuresBlue Note

Carmen McRaeI Left My Heart In San FranciscoLive At SugarhillTime

Carmen McRaeI Didn't Know What Time It WasLive At SugarhillTime
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Cassandra WilsonI Didn't Know What Time It WasBlue SkiesJMT

Cassandra WilsonShall We DanceBlue SkiesJMT

Charles Mingus featuring Honey GordonStrollin'Mingus DynastyColumbia

Charles MingusSong With OrangeMingus DynastyColumbia

Gil Evans & Steve LacyOrange WasThe Color OF Her Dress, Then Blue SilkParis BluesOwl
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Kenny DrewIf You Could See Me NowDark BeautyInner City

Interview With Ishmael Reed By Justin DesmanglesInterview With Ishmael Reed By Justin DesmanglesInterview With Ishmael Reed By Justin DesmanglesInterview With Ishmael Reed By Justin Desmangles
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Kenny DrewAll Souls Here (excerpt)Dark BeautyInner City

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