Sunday, August 29, 2010

I. Reed, Yardbird, Katrina 5 Years On

Show description for Sunday 8/29/2010 @ 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


This afternoon, on the four o'clock hour, poet, playwright, essayist, and novelist, Ishmael Reed (pictured here, on the left, with Professor William C. Cook), returns to New Day Jazz. Along with the current events of the day, such as Wall $treet's financiers turning against Obama, neo-fascist demagogue and Fox News commentator, Glenn Beck, and midtown Manhattan's proposed Muslim Cultural Center, we will be discussing the forthcoming American Book Awards. Sponsored by the Before Columbus Foundation, of which Mr. Reed is a founder, the American Book Award, now in it's 31st year, honors excellence in multicultural literature.

Also, as part of this afternoon's broadcast, we will listen in on selections from the rare boxed set, issued in Japan only, The Other Side Of Blue Note 1500 Series, featuring outtakes and unissued cuts from classic sessions under the leadership of Lee Morgan, Herbie Nichols, Johnny Griffin, Bud Powell, and Bennie Green featuring the one and only Babs Gonzalez.

In addition, we will be focusing on the poetry of Jayne Cortez and Kenneth Patchen, throughout today's program, with particular attention on the recordings, Celebrations & Solitudes, featuring Ms. Cortez with bassist Richard Davis, and Selected Poems of Kenneth Patchen, recorded by Patchen himself for Folkways Records.

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Jayne CortezSoloCelebrations & SolitudesStrata-East

Lee MorganAll At Once You Love HerThe Other Side of Blue Note 1500 SeriesBlue Note - Japan

Charlie ParkerMerry Go RoundThe Complete Savoy RecordingsSavoy

Kenneth PatchenNice Day For A LynchingThe Selected Poems Of Kenneth PatchenFolkways

Bennie GreenSoul Stirrin'The Other Side of Blue Note 1500 SeriesBlue Note - Japan

Jayne Cortez3 Day N.Y. City BluesCelebrations & SolitudesStrata-East

Kenneth PatchenState Of The NationThe Selected Poems Of Kenneth PatchenFolkways
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Herbie NicholsArgumentative VariationThe Other Side of Blue Note 1500 SeriesBlue Note - Japan

Charlie ParkerKokoThe Complete Savoy RecordingsSavoy

Charlie ParkerBarbadosThe Complete Savoy RecordingsSavoy
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Jayne CortezDo You Think?Celebrations & SolitudesStrata-East

Bud PowellCollard Greens & Blackeyed PeasThe Other Side of Blue Note 1500 SeriesBlue Note - Japan

Paul ChambersUntitledThe Other Side of Blue Note 1500 SeriesBlue Note - Japan
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Kenny BurrellMy Heart Stood StillThe Other Side of Blue Note 1500 SeriesBlue Note - Japan

Kenny BurrellYou Will Never Know (excerpt)The Other Side of Blue Note 1500 SeriesBlue Note - Japan

Interview with Ishmael Reed by Justin Desmangles

Charlie ParkerRelaxin' at CamarilloThe Complete Dial Masters

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poetry & All That Jazz on KDVS

Show description for Sunday 8/22/2010 @ 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

By special request, this afternoons broadcast of New Day Jazz is all-music, all-poetry. Tune in for special selections from rarely heard recordings by Helen Merrill, Andrew Hill, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Rivers & Randy Weston, as well as poetry by Gloria Tropp, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Cecil Rajendra, Okot P'Bitek and the late, great Norman Pritchard.


Linton Kwesi JohnsonDi Great InsohrekshanAn Evening of International PoetryNew Alliance

Bobby HutchersonCatta (Andrew Hill)DialogueBlue Note

Okot P'Bitekfrom Song of the PrisonerAn Evening of International PoetryNew Alliance

Sam RiversEuterpe (Sam Rivers)ContoursBlue Note
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Norman PritchardGyre's GalaxNew Jazz PoetsBroadside Records

Andrew HillPoinsenttiaOne for OneBlue Note Re-Issue Series

Gloria TroppPoem for Ernie HenryNew Jazz PoetsBroadside Records

Helen MerrillDay Dream (Strayhorn)The Feeling Is MutualMilestone

Helen MerrillDeep In A Dream (DeLange-Van Heusen)The Feeling Is MutualMilestone

Randy WestonPurple Gazelle (Ellington)Berkshire BluesArista

Randy WestonI Know Your Kind (arranger, Melba Liston)Little NilesBlue Note Re-Issue Series

Randy WestonEvery Once In A While (arranger, Melba Liston)Little NilesBlue Note Re-Issue Series

Herbie HancockSorcerer (Hancock)Speak Like A ChildBlue Note

Miles DavisSorcerer (Hancock)Sorcerer Columbia
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Lionel HamptonCentral Avenue Breakdown

Lionel HamptonJack the Bellboy

Django RheinhardtI'll See You In My Dreams

Coleman HawkinsBody & Soul

Fats Waller I'm Crazy About My Baby

Jack Kirby Orchestra Bugler's Dilemma

Ella FitzgeraldRobbin's Nest

Joe MooneyTea for Two

Barney BigardTapioca (Strayhorn)

========================== Airbreak ==========================

Joe VenutiMy Honey's Loving Arms

========================== Airbreak ==========================

Jane Harvey with Benny GoodmanJust Another Boy And Girl (Cole Porter)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sonny Rollins By David Henderson

Sonny Rollins

sonny rollins seeking
peace in the city
jamming with
the subway train
a free rhythm section
coney island beach on the bridge
of hart crane /
"the most important thing to me
is my sanity"

By David Henderson

Monday, August 16, 2010

African American Writers & Classical Traditon

Show description for Sunday 8/15/2010 @ 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This afternoon on the 4 o'clock hour we are joined by James Tatum (pictured above, left), professor emeritus of classics at Dartmouth, to discuss his most recent work, co-authored with William W. Cook (above, right), professor emeritus of English and African American studies at Dartmouth, African American Writers and Classical Tradition.

"This book is a magisterial treatment of sophisticated Black literary artists who deployed the deep and rich resources of Greek and Latin classical texts. The complex phenomenon of Afro-classicism is laid bare for all to apprehend and appreciate!" - Cornel West, Princeton University

"Traditionally, African American literature has been treated like an orphan, shifted from one special-interest home to another where only a few can get that extra serving of porridge. Rarely has the genre been treated as seriously as by Cook and Tatum. Knowing them, I'm sure that this excellent book,
African American Writers and Classical Tradition, is the result of many hours of deliberation. They debunk for all time that African American literature is monotraditional." - Ishmael Reed


Miles Davis & John ColtraneWalkin' / The ThemeLive in Stockholm 1960Dragon
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Eldridge-Flanagan-Mingus-JonesMe & You BluesThe Complete Candid Recordings of Charles MingusMosaic

Charles Mingus QuartetFolk Forms No. 1Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus QuartetCandid
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Sonny RollinsMisteriosoSonny Rollins Volume 2Blue Note

Mal WaldronDee's Dilemma (excerpt)Mal 1Prestige

Interview With James Tatum By Justin Desmangles

Mal WaldronDee's Dilemma (excerpt)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

DuBois on Art and Propanda

"All art is propaganda and ever must be, despite the wailing of the purists. I stand in utter shamelessness and say that whatever art I have for writing has been used always for propaganda for gaining the right of black folk to love and enjoy."

~ W.E.B. DuBois, "Criteria of Negro Art"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Harlem Sweeties By Langston Hughes

Have you dug the spill
Of Sugar Hill?
Cast your gims
On this sepia thrill:
Brown sugar lassie,
Caramel treat,
Honey-gold baby
Sweet enough to eat.
Peach-skinned girlie,
Coffee and cream,
Chocolate darling
Out of a dream.
Walnut tinted
Or cocoa brown,
Pride of the town.
Rich cream-colored
To plum-tinted black,
Feminine sweetness
In Harlem’s no lack.
Glow of the quince
To blush of the rose.
Persimmon bronze
To cinnamon toes.
Blackberry cordial,
Virginia Dare wine—
All those sweet colors
Flavor Harlem of mine!
Walnut or cocoa,
Let me repeat:
Caramel, brown sugar,
A chocolate treat.
Molasses taffy,
Coffee and cream,
Licorice, clove, cinnamon
To a honey-brown dream.
Ginger, wine-gold,
Persimmon, blackberry,
All through the spectrum
Harlem girls vary—
So if you want to know beauty’s
Rainbow-sweet thrill,
Stroll down luscious,
Delicious, fine Sugar Hill.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebrating Abbey Lincoln, Universal Woman

Show description for Sunday 8/8/2010 @ 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This week on New Day Jazz, we celebrate the life and legacy of Abbey Lincoln. Poet, songwriter and a leading force in the Black Consciousness Movement, Ms. Lincoln celebrated her 80th birthday this past week, August 6th.
Also, as part of our continuing focus on the works of
James Baldwin, we will listen in on an interview, conducted by Studs Terkel, from 1961, on the occasion of the publication of the essay collection, Nobody Knows My Name.


Sterling Brown (Read by James Earl Jones & Moses Gunn)Ol' LemA Hand Is On The GateVerve - Folkways

Max Roach featuring Abbey LincolnDriva' ManFreedom Now SuiteCandid

Robert Hayden (read by Gloria Foster, Jones & Gunn)Runagate, RunagateA Hand Is On The GateVerve - Folkways

Max Roach featuring Abbey LincolnFreedom DayFreedom Now SuiteCandid

Margaret Walker (read by Foster)We Have Been BelieversA Hand Is On The GateVerve - Folkways

Max Roach featuring Abbey LincolnTryptich: Prayer/Protest/PeaceFreedom Now SuiteCandid
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Abbey LincolnYou And Me LovePeople in MeInner City

Abbey LincolnNatas (Playmate)People in MeInner City

Abbey LincolnDorian (The Man With The Magic)People in MeInner City

Abbey LincolnAfricaPeople in MeInner City
========================== Airbreak ==========================

James Baldwin Interviewed By Studs Terkel

Abbey Lincoln featuring Archie SheppThrow It AwayPainted LadyBlue Marge
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Abbey LincolnRetributionStraight AheadCandid

Jean Toomer (read by Arna Bontemps)Song of the SunAnthology of Negro Poets in the U.S.A. - 200 YearsFolkways

Max Roach featurign Abbey LincolnGarvey's GhostPercussion Bitter SweetImpulse
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Abbey LincolnThe Music Is The MagicDevil's Got Your TongueVerve France

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Exchange with Ishmael Reed, August 4, 2010


cornel west criticizes obama for not being mlk jr.more evidence that
"progressives" and their front men are out to destroy obama just as
they did humphrey,carter,etc.they're staying home and pouting will
lead to rep.victory and a corporate plant plain victory in 2012.then you
can forget about ss.medicaid,welfare,etc. all because of progressives'


West, and the like, are prodding this country into a situation not unlike that of Germany's Weimar, just before the rise of the Nazi Party. The left, divided against itself, and unable to consolidate a cohesive agenda around issues that garnered a broad base of support, caved in, leading to the rise of the most criminal and reactionary elements in the country, namely, Hitler. They, too, had massive corporate support in the media. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice all remained illegally invested in companies that profited from the wars they started, violating domestic and international laws. Now the papers of record, that acted like cheerleaders for the Bush admin. to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, wish to publicly humiliate Waters & Rangel. Race is the issue the G.O.P. wishes to use to light their cross on the White House lawn. Charismatics like West and his brethren in the hallowed hall of the cathode rays ought best turn their attentions to the issues that united the otherwise disparate groups that elected Obama in the first place, instead of playing such facile games of comparison.

Monday, August 2, 2010



Let me bring some relief to my name,
famous for hiding runaway slaves
and future kings, sons of Europe,
whose marriage, arranged by Laveau,
brought stock to the fortunes of Creoles
and voodoo tyrants alike.

Let me display the roots and tethered vines,
the fetid swamp which covers this secret
with protoplasm, and basalt theory.
Wreckage from a promise kept,
beneath the fire of the fortaleza,
the villa of inquisitional escapees
mattering with Dahomey chiefs,
the ouster of Napoleon,
and the coinage of N├ęgritude,
C├ęsaire's notebooks, leaves
on the brackish ponds of my namesake.

And just below the freedom
of a million castles burned,
a slave masters whips drys
in the window of a museum,
near the blouse of my Corrina.

For a Bluesman's pluck and dash,
a railroad capsizes. The iron rails
of a ship going nowhere
in particular except home.

There, my swamp secret begins,
in the foliage of this poem.

The first breath
in a long song unsung.

Baraka on Obama, Baldwin's Legacy

Show description for Sunday 8/1/2010 @ 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This week, on the four o'clock hour, poet, playwright, and essayist, Amiri Baraka, returns to New Day Jazz, to discuss the representation, and misrepresentation, of President Barack Obama, in the corporate sponsored media.


Michel Legrand Orchestra featuring Miles DavisJitterbug WaltzLegrand JazzColumbia

Michel Legrand Orchestra featuring Miles DavisRound MidnightLegrand JazzColumbia

Michel Legrand Orchestra featuring Miles DavisWild Man BluesLegrand JazzColumbia

Michel Legrand Orchestra featuring Miles DavisDjangoLegrand JazzColumbia

Modern Jazz QuartetDjangoDjangoPrestige
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Clifford Brown Parisian ThoroughfareThe QuintetEmarcy

Clifford BrownGeorge's DilemmaStudy In BrownEmarcy

Sarah VaughnI'm Glad There Is YouSarah VaughnEmarcy

Sarah VaughnSeptember SongSarah VaughnEmarcy

Sarah VaughnIt's CrazySarah VaughnEmarcy
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Randy WestonEarth BirthLittle NilesBlue Note

Randy WestonNice IceLittle NilesBlue Note

Randy WestonHi FlyRandy Weston at the 5 SpotUnited Artists

Randy WestonBlues Beef StewRandy Weston at the 5 SpotUnited Artists

Interview with Amiri Baraka by Justin Desmangles

Randy WestonBlues 5 Spot (excerpt)Randy Weston at the 5 SpotUnited Artists