Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charlie Parker by Frank Marshall Davis

Charlie Parker

Who named him Yard Bird?
He was a homing pigeon
With no home to fly to

Sky unlimited
Route uncharted
Eagle strong
He scorched his wings
Haunting the heavens
Buzzing the sun
As the feebler fowl
Looked up in awe
But played it safe

In the rambling sky
He lived!
Here he rendezvoused
With freedom
Flashing feathers
Of burning blue
Dipping, darting
In strange and wild
Ecstatic arcs
Dazzling with his daring
As none before had ever flown

Even as eagle tires
And returns to his airy crag
A homing pigeon
Cannot soar forever
But this majestic bird
Had no home
To go to;
On the ground
He wandered aimlessly
Pecking in the garbage
Like a common sparrow
With a weary wing
And he was trapped
And hooked
And cooked -
That's the simple story
Of the heaven - haunting pigeon
Who flew his way to glory

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