Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not Grand, Not A Party, Just Old

For many whites, no matter what their politics, the Tea Party is All in the Family, literally. They may have an Uncle Archie, bigoted, racist, repulsive to common sense and dignity, but that doesn't keep them from sending him a Christmas card or remembering his, or his children's birthday. White radicals, and even a few progressives, have been so hopped up on this comic book fantasy of a "total seizure of power," ala China, or Cuba, (both of which were largely peasant societies and virtually monolingual), that they are willing to feign this nonsense that the Tea Party is an authentic populist uprising. All lies, as shown by the recent NAACP report, . Of course what they ignore, time and time again, is the that vast, sprawling, technologically advanced state of this population, is also multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and unlikely to meet on any platform supporting the right, or a white male theocracy, no matter how allegedly anti-government. Historically white liberals, progressives and radicals, have long bemoaned their collective inability to break bread with blacks, gaining and maintaining power with us, by building a coalition with our working class and impoverished.(See The Wages of Whiteness by David Roediger,or The Ordeal of Assimilation: A Documentary History of the White Working Class.) Obama has presented a historical opportunity to do this, and yet they do not. Is this yet another example of whites refusal to accept black leadership? Absolutely. There are many positive aspects of the Obama administration around which even staunch Communist's like Amiri Baraka, or Jack Hirschman, have saw fit to propagandize in favor of their revolutionary agenda. White progressives, on the other hand, bitch about their disappointments in him, sometimes regurgitating the most bilious, fact-free, talking points from the far right to do so. As blacks we are used to disappointments in elected leaders, but it doesn't cause us to abandon ship. We've been at it's bottom too long for that game! Whites who advocate for the Tea Party as some kind of authentic populist movement are as addicted to the rhetoric of white supremacy as their most backward and criminal brethren.

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