Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Coming of John (the evening and the morning are the first day)

Show description for Sunday 9/26/2010 @ 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

This afternoon on New Day Jazz, we celebrate the music of John Coltrane, born September 23, 1926, in Hamlet, North Carolina. Rather than exploring the canonical compositions & improvisations, we will focus on Coltrane as both balladeer and bluesman, exploring his earliest dates as a leader. We will continue on to his first experiments building his "classic quartet," and conclude with his most fully realised concert work from his final years. Along the way we will hear poetry from Michael S. Harper, Wanda Coleman, Nathaniel Mackey, and the underground legend of Chicago, Amus Mor, all in tribute to Coltrane and his legacy.

"There is a daringly human quality to John Coltrane's music that makes itself felt, wherever he records. If you can hear, this music will make you think of a lot of weird and wonderful things. You might even become one of them." ~ LeRoi Jones, Coltrane Live at Birdland



John ColtraneWhile My Lady Sleeps (Kahn-Kaper)ColtranePrestige

John ColtraneViolets For Your Furs (Adair-Dennis)ColtranePrestige

John ColtraneTrane's Slo BluesLush LifePrestige

John ColtraneSlowtraneThe Last TranePrestige
========================== Airbreak ==========================

John ColtraneLike Someone In Love (Van Heusen-Burke)Lush LifePrestige

John ColtraneI Love You (Cole Porter)Lush LifePrestige

John ColtraneSlow Dance (Alonzo Levister)Traneing InPrestige

John ColtraneLush Life (Billy Strayhorn)Lush LifePrestige
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Michael S. Harper (read by Justin Desmangles)A Narrative of the Life and Times of John Coltrane: Played by HimselfMoments NoticeCoffee House Press

John ColtraneI'm A Dreamer, Aren't We All? (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson)BahiaPrestige

John ColtraneSomething I Dreamed Last Night (Magdison-Fain-Yellen)BahiaPrestige

Wanda Coleman (read by Justin Desmangles)Cousin MaryMoments NoticeCoffee House Press

John ColtraneCousin MaryGiant StepsAtlantic

John ColtraneSpiralGiant StepsAtlantic
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Nathaniel Mackey (read by Justin Desmangles)"John Coltrane Arrived with an Egyptian Lady" Moments NoticeCoffee House Press

John ColtraneExoticaLike Sonny Roulette

John ColtraneMr. DayLike SonnyRoulette

John ColtraneLike SonnyLike SonnyRoulette
========================== Airbreak ==========================

John ColtraneIndiaComplete Village Vanguard RecordingsImpulse

John ColtraneSpiritualComplete Village Vanguard RecordingsImpulse
========================== Airbreak ==========================

Amus Mor (read by Justin Desmangles)The Coming of John (the evening and the morning are the first day)Moments NoticeCoffee House Press

John ColtranePeace On EarthLive In JapanImpulse

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