Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Exchange with Ishmael Reed, August 4, 2010


cornel west criticizes obama for not being mlk jr.more evidence that
"progressives" and their front men are out to destroy obama just as
they did humphrey,carter,etc.they're staying home and pouting will
lead to rep.victory and a corporate plant plain victory in 2012.then you
can forget about ss.medicaid,welfare,etc. all because of progressives'


West, and the like, are prodding this country into a situation not unlike that of Germany's Weimar, just before the rise of the Nazi Party. The left, divided against itself, and unable to consolidate a cohesive agenda around issues that garnered a broad base of support, caved in, leading to the rise of the most criminal and reactionary elements in the country, namely, Hitler. They, too, had massive corporate support in the media. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice all remained illegally invested in companies that profited from the wars they started, violating domestic and international laws. Now the papers of record, that acted like cheerleaders for the Bush admin. to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, wish to publicly humiliate Waters & Rangel. Race is the issue the G.O.P. wishes to use to light their cross on the White House lawn. Charismatics like West and his brethren in the hallowed hall of the cathode rays ought best turn their attentions to the issues that united the otherwise disparate groups that elected Obama in the first place, instead of playing such facile games of comparison.

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