Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Ecstatic Embrace of David Meltzer, Poet

New Day Jazz

Justin Desmangles

Jazz music for lovers and the lonely.


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Show Description for Sunday 03/21/2010

David Meltzer this week on the 4 o'clock hour.

DAVID MELTZER: Checklist of publications


The Clown [Semina, 1960].
The Process [Oyez, l965].
The Dark Continent [Oyez, 1967].
Round the Poem Box [Black Sparrow Press, l969].
Yesod [Trigram, l969].
Luna [Black Sparrow Press, 1970].
Tens, Selected Poems, edited by Kenneth RexrothMcGraw-Hill, l973].
Hero/Lil [Black Sparrow Press, 1973].
The Art, The Veil [Membrane Press, 1981].
The Name: Selected Poetry, 1973-1983 [Black Sparrow Press, 1984].
Arrows: Selected Poetry, 1957-1992 [Black Sparrow Press, 1994].
No Eyes: Lester Young [Black Sparrow, 2000].
Beat Thing [La Alameda Press, 2004].
David’s Copy: Selected Poems; edited by Michael Rothenberg [Penguin, 2005].
Angelize [Word Temple, 2008].

Track Artist Song Album Label

Bud Powell Cleopatra's Dream The Scene Changes Blue Note

Hank Mobley Workout Workout Blue Note

Betty Carter Jazz (Aint' Nothin' But Soul) The Modern Sound of Betty Carter ABC - Paramount

Betty Carter For You The Modern Sound of Betty Carter ABC - Paramount

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------

David Meltzer From: The Lowlands David Meltzer Poet w/Jazz Sierra Records

Hank Mobley My Groove Your Move Roll Call Blue Note

Betty Carter My Shining Hour 'Round Midnight Roulette

Betty Carter Something Wonderful 'RoundMidnight Roulette

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------

Carmen McRae The Meaning of the Blues Bittersweet Focus

Carmen McRae If You Could Love Me Bittersweet Focus

Carmen McRae Spring Can ReallyHang You Up the Most Bittersweet Focus

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------

David Meltzer Misspliced Sermon David Meltzer Poet w/Jazz Sierra Records

Ernie Henry Active Ingredients(excerpt) Presenting Ernie Henry Riverside

Interview with David Meltzer by Justin Desmangles

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