Monday, February 1, 2010

Sun Ra at U.C. Berkeley, Spring 1971

In the Spring of 1971 SUN RA offered a lecture course at the University of Califonia at Berkeley, African-American Studies 198: The Black Man in the Universe. This afternoon on the 4 o'clock hour we will listen to a very scarce recording of the third class session lecture.

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Artist Song Album Label

Sun Ra Enlightenment Nuit De La Fondation Maeght Volume One Recommended Records

Sun Ra A House of Beauty The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume One ESP

Sun Ra Of Heavenly Things The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume Two ESP

Sun Ra Neptune Discipline 27 - II El Saturn Research

Sun Ra Watusa The Nubians of Plutonia Impulse

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------

Sun Ra (read by Justin Desmangles) Freedom From Freedom The Immeasurable Equation Waitawhile

Sun Ra Demon's Lullaby Angels & Demons At Play Impulse

Sun Ra Images Jazz In Silhouette Impulse

Sun Ra The Bad & The Beautiful The Bad & The Beautiful Impulse

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------

Sun Ra Just In Time The Bad & The Beautiful Impulse

Sun Ra Abstract The Magic City Impulse

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------

William Carlos Williams (read by Justin Desmangles) The Orchestra The Collected Poems Of William Carlos Williams New Directions

Sun Ra Astro Black Astro Black Impulse

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------

Sun Ra (lecture) The Black Man In The Universe The Lost Reel Collection Transparency

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------

Sun Ra I Am An Instrument I Am Strange Norton

Sun Ra Rocket #9 Space Is The Place Impulse

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