Friday, October 2, 2009

Fight Back Against The Right Wing Attack By Amiri Baraka

The lynchers, the stink face stenchers, the retrenchers

Can’t thinkers, old stinkers, imbeciles, evil cant fillers

Bloody vaudevillians who aint funny, dumb motherfuckers

Who think you got they money. Stupid people, crazy lazy

Dishonest people , ignorant pseudo mammals, suckers so dumb

white supremacy is they religion, even though they themselves

is proof it’s a lie, people so low they aspire to be liars

The crazy doo doo brains is loose again

They hurt we elected Obama, and his mother

Look like they mama, Father, no shit, a mau mau

So they on the loose with leaders who pee they bed

Everytime they open they mouth. Don’t have to be from the south

But they brain is a confederate. All you religious believers if you

Want a convert tell your god to put a hurt on Limbaugh, may the next drug

He take, take his ass a way from here. Say God, waste Rupert Murdoch,

Send some lightning down on his ass and given him a fatal shock. They

Talking about killing Obama, Hey God, ice Glen Beck , ring his neck

Whip his ass till he get correct, and Cheney, him with no brainey,

Who already killed almost a whole nation, ration his life

With a thunderbolt to straighten his lopsided mouth

Hang him up side down like Mussolini in the hood

Till he start tellin the truth, & who know how long that’ll be.

Fight against the right wing attack, The klan done took off they gowns

So we wont know its they, but the GOP is the new KKK.

Like Weimar when the social democrats won

Hitler was in Munich practicing his rule to come

By 1933 the communists and socialists and workers

Was fighting among themselves, Hitler got his Nazi shit

Off the shelves, backed by the same corporations that threatening our nation

The right cant fight unless they have money, they bankrupt the banks

Still Madoff with your wealth, so in disrepute and backed against a wall

Of disillusion , popular sentiment, and even elections

they have to resort to stealth. They organize riots

and hire thugs to speak to the backward, use their money

to turn the rest as backward as they can, while they plot to

put the people in yet another trick, take even more of your money

and total control, get a McCain or somebody with even less of brain

What ever they say white supremacy and theft will be the order of the day

Whatever they look like, soon they will be Palin, they want fascism, there’s

No other description for they ugly ambition . They want the gas chambers

Concentration camps even though they call them low income housing,

The billionaires get the dimwits , the misfits, the race freaks, the pip squeaks

To want what they tell them which never existed but they insisted telling these fools

Equal rights is against the rules, in these little Pennsylvania towns where thinking

Is mythology and insanity is the only humanity

Got to fight against the right

Or they blow up another reichstag, 911 didn’t quite do it

They had a plan but Bush 2 was 2 stupid, and we fought back

Made it clear that “White America” was a fable

At best, and no longer here. The idea that some

Half white dude much smarter than they

Put their brain in their stomach and they shat it

Away. So now they lookin for they black suits

They wanna try the Nazi shit again. Be Clear

If we don’t support this President organize

To make him do the right thing, the really backward

Will organize to do the far right racist white thing.

And they’ll have n-words like Larry Elder or Juan Williams or

Who ever they can raise from the colored spittoon

Even your boy, the mad man, the real public coon.

But its Counterattack on the Black, Death to Progress and Reform

You can look in the eyes of the insane, they be on channel dumb

Every night, trying to hide the fact that they are afraid

That we will act to crush their 21st century lynch mob mind

Imagine an O’Reilly, or Hannity or Dobbs trying to convince you they intelligent

Like prehistoric cave dwellers arguing against cooking your food or cleaning your house.

Inside their empty skulls worn out cd’s playing old Rockefeller raps. But this is serious

I’m not delirious. We have to fight back. So you think Obama hasn’t done enough

Like these old communists arguing with the socialists arguing with the trade unionists

Wrestling with the colored and the Jews. Forget all that, don’t play that Weimar blues

Again. We went for that, fell into that trap. And found ourselves wallowing in our blood

Weeping for decades of our dead. We got to stop them now, turn back the right attack.

We can argue later, when the situation is straighter. But remember what the Chairman said, don’t let it slip out of your head. Fight your enemies one by one. And the biggest one

Is these crypto fascist parrots of the money claque, who want the power back , who want you under their feet altogether again. Stop them now. Smash their lies. Only thing we want

From them is good bye, just once.

Amiri Baraka

8/12/09 for Shani

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