Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do-Wop Dreams By Reginald Lockett

Do-Wop Dreams

Wesley and the Smith brothers

straightened and processed their hair

into waves and huge pompadours,

styled in the latest shark skin suits

and Stacey Adams or Florsheims

to get that Jackie Wilson,

or hip Temptations look they swore

would drive the ladies wild.

They skated sideways,

like James Brown across stage,

outside on the schoolyard

or in the hall between classes,

winking at high school beauties

who smiled in admiration,

or stuck their noses in the air

in disgust of this ghetto flare.

They sang down on bended knees

near the basketball courts,

too clean to suit up for gym.

Didn’t want one hair out of place

on them processes and marcels

to cramp their styles and ruin

their reps when they stepped

to the neighborhood cuties.

Wesley and the Smith brothers

never saw their names in neon lights.

Their doo-wop dreams faded

into the real world of work clothes,

lunch pails, and time clocks.

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