Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ayler Speaks

"When music changes, people change too. The revolution in jazz took place a long time ago. But, just this year, something happened. Everywhere people are asking, 'What's happening, what's happening?'

"Today it seems that the world is trying to destroy itself. And nevertheless many people succeed in judging the world with an objective view. They see unkindness, hypocrisy, injustice and hard labor that enables a human being to earn very little. If only we really wanted to think of these things, to go into our inner-spiritual-consciences with them, we would understand that we have to fight an endless battle (with ourselves), before winning over all the obstacles, before having acquired the true desire to change.

"The music we play today will help people to know themselves better and to find inner peace more easily. Inspiration is necessary to all of us. It can come from a word, a paragraph in a book, a painting, from a poem, a song, from numerous things, in short. But actually, nothing happens if you're not ready.

"The music we play is a prayer, a message coming from God. We all share the same emotion, but this emotion manifests itself differently according to the personality of each of us.

"Unfortunately for us, decor can provoke vulgar emotions in us, such as envy, covetousness, and contempt.

"A good many people are not touched by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost will lead all of us through the world someday. Look at the history of jazz: Bolden, Armstrong, Bird, Monk, Coltrane, Taylor, Ornette, etc. all had their own way of seeing things, all had new ideas, the hope of a new aesthetic which wouldn't know destruction, which neither power nor the established structure would be able to kill.

"The soul of each of us-the ideas of God are everywhere and His Spirit is always present-must achieve harmony and supreme goodness through His grace.

"The sublime ideas of God are everywhere (I should sooner say that a certain idea of perfection makes a way for itself). The Holy Ghost has been favorable to me. Music is one of the gifts god has given to us. It should be used for good works. We should always thank the Lord: then, we will understand how rich His blessings are in spiritual value and in truth. We must let the sacred spirit of God enter our bodies and keep it there preciously.

"That's why a creator (or perfect man) is a being in spiritual communion, whose ideas are in total harmony with God. For me, the only way I can thank God for His ever present creation,is to offer Him a new music imprinted with beauty that no one, before, had heard.

"This is the only thought that will make me a free man, beyond the limits of the material.

"Freedom isn't the privilege of a single generation; it's a conquest which must each time be undertaken over again. Freedom is victory.

"Those who have found Truth are able to communicate Love, to help those who suffer, people of the Earth as I call them. That the will of God be done, not that of men and women. The will of God is always loving and truthful; it includes harmony and generosity; it permits freedom and is always constructive.

"When we let the will of God produce itself in us, we will work with Him, and will be blessed in all our actions. He will also help us to think justly and kindly.

"When all the people understand what links them spiritually to one another, Peace will reign on Earth.

"All men will be of good will.

"Spiritual Unity will reign then."

Albert Ayler, The International Times, Number 10, March 13-26, 1967

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