Monday, May 19, 2008

Malcolm's birthday is today, don't forget . . .

My Ace Of Spades

MALCOLM X SPOKE TO ME and sounded you
Malcolm X said this to me & THEN TOLD you that!
Malcolm X whispered in my ears but SCREAMED on you!
Malcolm X praised me & thus condemned you
Malcolm X smiled at me & sneered at you
Malcolm X made me proud & so you got scared
Malcolm X told me to HURRY & you began to worry
Malcolm X sang to me but GROWLED AT YOU! !
Malcolm X words freed me & they frightened you
Malcolm X tol' it lak it DAMN SHO' IS! !
Malcolm X said that everybody would will be FREE ! !
Malcolm X told both of us the T R U T H . . . . . . .
now didn't he?

by Ted Joans

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